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THRIVE Q Pantry Staple #1:  THRIVE  Fudge Brownie Mix

Just add water and you can lick the bowl!  No raw eggs.  No worries!

Keep handy for an easy, quick,  after school treat.   Kids can make these themselves (big kids of course who can operate the stove with adult supervision, or little ones with help).  Super for that day when you forgot you were signed up for snack (though this never happens, right?); the results are sure to be cheered by one and all. “You are such a whiz in the kitchen!”

Handy during a snowstorm, (all snug as a bug with a cup of cocoa, knitting in hand or a good read; perhaps to round out a marathon board game session).  Kids will love them.  Adults will love them.  Gussied up (Rocky Road Brownies) or simple (plain), clean up is a snap!  Only one bowl, one spoon, one pan needed.  Try them.  You will like them.

Portion control you say?  Calories. What calories?  We are talking chocolate here.   Since we can’t eat just one,  a mini muffin pan might just come in handy.  One batch makes 24 using our mini muffin pan. So, you go ahead, have two!  Freeze the rest and defrost two at a time until supply is exhausted.  Make new batch.  Repeat.

Suitable for apartment or college dorm dwellers, one needn’t acquire the entire kitchen section of a major department store or upmarket culinary outfit to prepare these brownies.  IKEA, big box retailer, Freecycle, or a resale shop will be just fine.  Great for inclusion in care package  to a college student,  since  these are just add water and equipment requirements are few:  a can opener, a spoon, a bowl, a pan (these, by the way,  can be acquired during that August back to school jaunt to IKEA).  Don’t forget the muffin tin; but if you do:  in a pinch, a  clean, recycled oven-safe take away box will do just fine.   One case stows easily under a bed, if not, this would present an excellent opportunity to acquire a set of bed risers and requisite bed skirt to make use of that wasted storage space. Go ahead, slip in a can with that box of sweaters and those lovely hand knitted woolen socks from gran.  You will be amply rewarded.  Thanks mom, dad! What joy.


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