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THRIVE 101: Tomato Powder Make Your Own Pizza/Jar Pasta Sauce


THRIVE Tomato Powder



Tomato powder is one of the THRIVE ingredients your pantry should not be without.  Honestly, I purchased on sale and had no idea other than perhaps in soup how we might use it.  Well, it has many uses.  Never buying  tomato paste again tops my list along with super easy boost of tomato flavor whenever you might need it in soups, stews, chili and more, without corn syrup.

Add water and make your own tomato paste, one  tablespoon  or two, no more orphan cans in the fridge.  Being frugal, even at .50 each,  I hated throwing those cans away, so in the icebox they would linger or worst long forgotten in the freezer until of no use and they were eventually tossed.

To make our pasta/pizza sauce we used ingredients from the pantry:  olive oil, shelf stable Pomi tomatoes, THRIVE tomato powder, THRIVE dehydrated chopped onions, and dry Italian seasoning mix.

Combine all ingredients in bowl.  Makes two jars with 1/4 cup or so extra that can be saved or tossed immediately with cooked pasta.  Glass batter bowl or bowl with spout makes for easy pouring into jars.  Canning funnel helpful as well if you have one. Final product –delicious and also BPA free.

Super Easy THRIVE Tomato Powder Pizza /Pasta Sauce

1 -2 tbs olive oil
1 26 oz. box Pomi tomatoes (chopped)
2 tbs Italian seasoning
2 cups THRIVE tomato powder
1/2 cup THRIVE  dehydrated onions

4 cups water
1 tbs lemon juice
2 tbs sugar
Salt and pepper to taste

Red pepper flakes, fresh basil  (Optional).

I also add 3-4 garlic cloves to batch that will be saved in fridge for extra flavor.


Add THRIVE Zucchini, Mushrooms & peppers to make chunky garden pasta sauce or as a pizza topping.

Gluten Free-Pizza Margharita




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