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My THRIVE Pantry: Shortening Powder



Christmas M & M Cookies made with THRIVE Shortening Powder

“No discernible difference between these cookies and the others”

At first it does not seem like a ringing endorsement, but then,  I too had been a wee bit skeptical myself. Shortening powder?  Really? Yes, absolutely.   Who knew such a thing existed?

We purchase shortening to make only two, occasionally three items, on our menu; for nostalgia purposes really.  Some cookies are not made better by the addition of real butter.  They come out too oily or do not spread well or quite frankly, let’s face it, they do not have that familiar taste from childhood.   I do remember that blue can of Crisco next to the jar of bacon fat near the stove; a  must for Southern fried chicken and the occasional fish fry;  grandmother used lard.  Today,  in my kitchen, shortening is reserved for our favorite English muffin recipe from Alton Brown, M&M cookies, and snickerdoodles.  Eggs Benedict and the cookies happen, maybe 2-3 times a year around here.  With the shelf life of a one year opened and ten years unopened, a case of the THRIVE shortening powder,  in the pantry can size, solves my problem of  knowing whether shortening had gone bad or rancid since we purchased it last Christmas and most importantly, “No discernible difference between these cookies and the others!”

For baking, I will be adding shortening powder to my Thrive Q  pantry.

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